Wing Cloud Data Summit

The New Era in Data for the Modern Enterprise

Speakers & Selected Quotes

Frank Slootman,
Chairman and CEO

Business people tend to rely on anecdotal observation - talk to some people, read emails. That's OK when it's business as usual, but when things become dislocated, that's when you need data.

Jay Kreps,
Co-Founder and CEO

There are 101 database products, but they've all been constructed around the paradigm of storage. Confluent is, almost, the opposite. Instead of data as it sits—it's data as it lives.. as it moves—and we think that's the future architecture of companies.

David McJannet,

It's no longer just about 'transactional' data. The volume and type of data has massively increased—now it's streaming data, clickstream data, machine data, geolocation data. That's why this whole market is starting to tumble—opening up a huge set of new vertical applications that never existed before.

About the Summit

Modern enterprises depend on data to run their businesses.

Increasingly, data is born, stored, and consumed in the cloud. Further, data is put to work throughout the enterprise—to steer business processes, power advanced analytics, and guide critical decisions.

The Wing Cloud Data Summit explores what’s next for data. The summit is by invitation only and features three CEOs in an exclusive, candid, and interactive dialogue.

Wing Founder Survey: Cloud Data

Wing conducted a survey from 12/7 to 12/10 to understand CEO and Founder views on cloud data.