Companies that Matter

Our mission at Wing is to help you build an independent, category-defining, multi-billion-dollar company. A company that matters. We know that it’s hard, and takes courage, grit, and imagination. Founders face huge challenges, from recruiting top talent to winning the trust of early customers. It helps to have a business partner who’s taken the journey before.

The body of work of Wing’s award-winning team spans more than two decades and dozens of successful early-stage companies, 22 of which have gone on to achieve billion-dollar-plus outcomes following IPOs or acquisitions (see list below). These include 20 IPOs and 2 $1B+ acquisitions to date - with more on the way.

We’ve been founders, board members and advisors through good times and bad, and have learned from some exceptional entrepreneurs. We know that building an enduring company takes patience and tenacity. There are no “overnight successes”, only years of effort to create lasting value. We are committed to working by your side until the journey is complete.

These 22 companies have achieved billion-dollar-plus outcomes, with more on the way:


When we first met Omid Farokhzad and Philip Ma, the founders of Seer, we were struck by their audacious ambition to transform medicine by mapping and unlocking the proteome. Seer is perhaps the most multi-disciplinary company we have ever encountered where chemistry, biochemistry, robotics, machine learning, signal processing, managing huge data sets, and software workflows are equal citizens. To address such a grand challenge seemed impossible; they delivered in 18 months! We saw the future when Gaurav first talked to Omid; Now we can’t wait to see it fully unfold!


Peter first met Benoit Dageville and Thierry Cruanes in late 2012. Their new company Snowflake didn’t yet have an office but did have a massive vision to use the cloud to transform enterprise data analytics. Peter led Wing’s investment in Snowflake’s seed financing, and every financing since. Snowflake is today the data foundation of the Modern Enterprise and went public in September 2020 with a market capitalization of over $60 billion.

Sumo Logic

Jake led Accel’s initial investment in Sumo Logic in 2012 when the company was still under $1 million in ARR. Founders Christian Beedgen and Kumar Saurabh had a vision to deliver log management and monitoring a turnkey SaaS offering. They were subsequently joined by CEO Ramin Sayar and went public in September 2020 with a market capitalization of over $2 billion.

Shape Security

When Derek Smith was conceiving Shape Security, Gaurav was one of the first people he called to join him as an investor and board member. The company went on to redefine the application security and fraud defense markets, and was eventually acquired by F5 for over $1 billion in 2019.

Redback Networks

Redback Networks is where Gaurav and Peter first met. Gaurav founded the company in 1996, and Peter co-led its Series A financing in 1997. Redback supplied a critical missing piece in the emerging broadband Internet, achieving a revenue run rate of $500 million within 2 years of first shipment. The company went public in 1999 and reached a market capitalization of over $30 billion.

Ruckus Wireless

Gaurav conceived the initial idea that would become Ruckus while a partner at Sequoia, and recruited co-founders Bill Kish and Viktor Shtrom to help make it a reality. Gaurav later convinced the incomparable Selina Lo to lead the company, and together the team built one of the leaders of the WiFi networking industry. Ruckus went public in 2012.


Gaurav and his partner Doug Leone worked together to lead Sequoia’s investment in RingCentral in 2007. Founders Vlad Shmunis and Vlad Vendrow initially bootstrapped the company before partnering with Sequoia and ultimately reinventing unified communications services. The company went public in 2014 and has achieved a market capitalization of over $20 billion.


Gaurav worked side by side with FireEye Founder Ashar Aziz to incubate FireEye in 2004, investing in the company’s seed round, and joining the board. FireEye was the first company to defend against Zero-day and Advanced Malware, creating an essential new category in Cybersecurity. FireEye went public in 2013, and achieved a market capitalization of over $10 billion.

Riverbed Technologies

Peter and Accel co-founder Jim Swartz together led Riverbed’s Series A in 2002, during the post-9/11 “nuclear winter”. Founders Jerry Kennelly and Steve McCanne (whom Peter had worked with previously at FastForward Networks and netVmg) built a company that defined the WAN Acceleration market and went public in 2006, achieving a market cap of $7 billion.


Peter invested in Infinera’s Series A in 2001. Founders Jagdeep Singh, Drew Perkins and Dave Welch brought a new level of technical integration to optical communications, building a company of enduring value that went public in 2007 and remains an independent market leader today.

ArrowPoint Communications

Peter led a 1998 round of financing at Arrowpoint when it was still pre-product. Founder Cheng Wu pioneered the seminal concepts of content networking, and along with VP Sales and Marketing Chris Lynch defined the load balancer category. ArrowPoint went public in 2000 and was acquired by Cisco later that year for $6 billion.

Aruba Networks

Gaurav worked with his partner Doug Leone to lead Sequoia’s Series A investment in Aruba in 2002. Founders Keerti Melkote and Pankaj Manglik were joined by the legendary Dominic Orr, first as Chairman and eventually as CEO, and together they built the WiFi networking leader. The company went public in 2007 and is now part of HP Enterprise.

Nimble Storage

Peter co-led Nimble’s first financing in 2007 when the company consisted of founders Varun Mehta, Umesh Maheshwari and a succinct set of black-and-white slides. Peter recruited Suresh Vasudevan to the company, initially as a board member and ultimately as CEO. Nimble went public in 2013, achieving a market cap of $4.5 billion before being acquired by HPE.


Gaurav worked with Founder Jahangir Mohammed for 9 months to develop the idea for Jasper in 2004, led the company’s initial financing, and served on the board until its acquisition by Cisco in 2016 for $1.5 billion. Jasper succeeded in pioneering the IOT platform opportunity long before it was obvious, winning a long list of mobile operator customers that became the envy of the industry.


Peter led Accel’s initial investment in Fusion-io in 2010, at the same time that founder David Flynn was being elevated to the CEO role. Fusion-io went public in 2011 and achieved a market cap of $4 billion before eventually being acquired by SanDisk / Western Digital.


Peter led Accel’s initial investment in Opower in 2010. Founders Dan Yates and Alex Laskey built one of the most interesting “clean energy” companies of the era, leveraging behavioral science to drive energy efficiency in the utility sector. Opower went public in 2014 and was subsequently acquired by Oracle.


Gaurav co-led MobileIron’s Series A financing in 2008 and served on the company’s board through its 2014 IPO and beyond. Founders Suresh Batchu, Ajay Mishra and Bob Tinker reinvigorated mobile device management, driving the “BYOD” (bring your own device) wave and enabling broad adoption of mobile computing in the enterprise.


Peter invested in a company called Sylantro Systems in 1999. For years Sylantro and BroadSoft battled for leadership of the nascent cloud-based communications services market. In 2008, BroadSoft and Sylantro merged and the combined entity went public in 2010, ultimately being acquired by Cisco for $1.9 billion in 2018.


Peter co-led Tellium’s spin-out from Bellcore in 1997. Under the leadership of founders Chuck Brackett, Krishna Bala and John Gamelin, the company pioneered the concept of the optical cross-connect. Peter recruited CEO Harry Carr to the company and Tellium went public in 2001, reaching a market capitalization of $3 billion.

Northpoint Communications

Peter led Northpoint’s Series A in 1997. NorthPoint was one of the first of a new generation of broadband CLEC’s (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers). CEO Michael Malaga led a seasoned founding team of veterans from MFS / Worldcom through a rapid national network buildout that was one of the key enablers of the broadband Internet. Northpoint went public in 1999 and reached a market capitalization of $5.5 billion before being acquired by AT&T.

iBEAM Broadcasting

Peter co-led the iBEAM Broadcasting start-up financing in 1998. One of the pioneers of internet video distribution at scale, iBEAM went public in 2000 and achieve a $3 billion market cap before being acquired by Williams.


Peter and his partner Jim Breyer led Accel’s investment in Motive’s start-up financing in 1997. The company was led by CEO Scott Harmon and a stellar founding team that included Mike Maples. Peter also led the firm’s 1999 investment in Broadjump Software, founded by Kip McClanahan and Kenny Van Zant. Both businesses grew rapidly, providing much-needed service management technology to early broadband network operators. In 2003, Motive and Broadjump merged and the combined entity went public in 2004, eventually being acquired by Alcatel-Lucent in 2008.

These 2 Wing companies are still private, but are poised to join the group of billion-dollar-plus outcomes: