Crypto Sentiment Survey (April 2018)

Zach DeWitt | April 17, 2018

I surveyed 51 people who live and breathe crypto. The goal of the survey was to better understand the near-term market sentiment from people on the front lines. Everyone who participated in the survey is professionally involved in the crypto ecosystem with the following breakdown: 33% are crypto VCs, 29% are crypto hedge fund managers / traders, 20% are crypto entrepreneurs and 18% are crypto researchers / enthusiasts.

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Here are the results:

Q1: The crypto market is valued at ~$300bn today. What is your prediction for where it ends 2018?

Q2: Near-term sentiment: for Q2 2018, how are you feeling about the crypto markets?

Q3: What % of your crypto holdings is Bitcoin?

Q4: What % of your crypto holdings is Ethereum?

Q5: What cryptoasset are you most bullish on for 2018?

Note: “Other” includes NEO, ATOM and WAX

Q6: Which alt coin (non-BTC, BCH, ETH) are you most bullish on for 2018?

Font size represents response frequency

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