Crypto Sentiment Survey (July 2018)

Zach DeWitt | July 18, 2018

During the week of July 9th, I worked with an active and prominent crypto angel and we surveyed 82 people in the crypto industry. The goal of the survey is to better understand the near-term market sentiment from people on the front lines. (Almost) everyone who participated in the survey is actively building, investing or studying in the crypto ecosystem. I conducted a similar survey with a similar group back in April 2018 and the results can be found here. For questions or feedback, my contact email is

Here is the professional breakdown of the surveyed audience:

Here are the results:

Q1: The crypto market is valued at ~$240bn today. What is your prediction for where it ends 2018?

It is worth noting that per my last crypto sentiment survey in April 2018, the median 2018 crypto market cap prediction was $750bn. Today’s median 2018 crypto market cap prediction has decreased 47% to $400bn. Over the same period, the actual total crypto market cap decreased from $300bn to $240bn, or 20%. Thus, the 2018 year end sentiment has decreased disproportionately more than the actual market cap decline over the last three months.

Q2: If you could own just one crypto asset (public or private) for the next year, what would it be (note: this was an open answer field question)?

Note: “Other” is a long-tail of single votes including: Basis, Augur, Dfinity, BNB, Dirt, Wax, NEO, Tezos, Handshake and Contra

Q3: What category of assets will get the best returns over next 3 years?

Q4: Over the next 3 months I am going to be:

Q5: Over the last 6 months I was:

Q6: What’s your personal % allocation?

Q7: On Dec 31, 2022 the price of Bitcoin (BTC, per token) will be:

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