Investing In Tigera And The Digital Dialectic

Peter Wagner | June 16, 2016

Today Tigera is announcing its $13 million Series A financing from Wing and NEA. This new company has emerged as the driving force behind three key open source projects: Calico (which the Tigera team originated while at Metaswitch), Flannel (in collaboration with project originator CoreOS) and Canal (a new joint initiative with CoreOS). All three projects work together to bring policy-driven, secure networking to cloud-native applications.

Earlier this year Martin Giles and I published “Microservices, Containers and the Digital Dialectic”. The main point of this post was to illustrate how workload innovations drive infrastructure innovations. Changes in application architecture spawn transformations in technology infrastructure, and vice versa. At Wing, we call this call-and-response cycle the “Digital Dialectic”.

We are at a particularly interesting inflection point in the Digital Dialectic today. The combination of containers and microservices will transform not only how enterprises develop applications, but also how they architect infrastructure and ultimately beat their competitors. Hundred-billion-dollar-plus markets encompassing the totality of data center infrastructure and management are up for grabs.

Tigera is tapping into an especially powerful current within the Dialectic. The need for fresh approaches in networking, policy and security has become acute in the cloud-native world. Customers are seeking new solutions urgently as technologies like containers and orchestration frameworks head into production. Old infrastructure approaches are ill-suited to the new application architecture, creating the opportunity for a changing of the guard in market leadership. My partners and I look forward to working with the Tigera team to build that new leader!

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