Noteable - Enterprise Grade, Interactive Notebooks for Modern Data Teams

Jake Flomenberg | June 15, 2021

It has become almost trite to say that data is the lifeblood of any company. Most companies have now gotten the memo. In blunt terms, the rules of the game today are that only the data-driven survive.

As companies become ever more data driven, most now have a range of data practitioners ranging from data scientists to technical analysts to business users who work with data as part of their jobs. Many of the more technically sophisticated data practitioners have turned to Jupyter, an interactive, web-based notebook application. Today, the open source project is used by over 10 million people today owing largely to its flexibility and interactiveness - supporting multiple languages and enabling fast prototyping and exploratory analysis.

As great as Jupyter is today for these tasks, it is not a complete, enterprise solution. There are many unmet needs in and around it for data scientists at modern enterprises. Data scientists want to spend time working with data and minimize the overhead of other nonessential tasks. They should neither have to struggle with devOps tasksto run a notebook anywhere beyond their own computer nor have to write code to generate even the most basic of visualizations. They should be able to share and collaborate with others without having to reason from first principles and figure out how to implement administration and security functionality in support of this. What data scientists want is a notebook experience that is both Jupyter compatible and enterprise ready.

At the same time, business analysts and general business users also feel disenfranchised. They cannot interact with notebooks as they exist today. They are relegated to viewing PDFs or images which lack any form of lineage or provenance. Worse, should they want to see anything beyond exactly what is presented in these static outputs then this will inevitably result in a go fetch exercise for someone on the data team. All data practitioners want to be empowered to play an active role in getting the most out of their company’s data.

Enter Noteable

We at Wing aspire to be prepared investors. This means developing a view on a space in advance of meeting with founders. This way, when we meet the right founders with the right idea and approach, we are prepared and primed to appreciate them.

Noteable certainly fits this mold. We had developed theses around what data tooling solutions were needed to enable modern data teams and had even held events like our Cloud Data and Data Science summits to inform our thinking.

The Noteable team has incredibly strong founder/market fit and is composed of data practitioners who have lived through and even created solutions for many parts of what Noteable is building.

  • CEO Michelle Ufford hails from Netflix where she led the company’s “Notebooks Everywhere” initiative to help democratize Jupyter notebooks within the company. She also organized an “Enterprise Notebook Summit” to share learnings amongst companies like Bloomberg, Bridgewater, Paypal, Spotify and Uber.
  • CTO Matt Seal worked with emerging analysis teams to build the next generation of data tooling on the Big Data team at Netflix. While there, he transformed 95% batch ETL at Netflix to run within Jupyter Notebooks.
  • CPO Pierre Brunelle led Amazon’s notebook initiatives both for internal use as well as for SageMaker. He also worked on many open source initiatives including a standard for Data Quality work and an open source collaboration between Amazon and UC Berkeley to advance AI and machine learning.
  • CVO Elijah Meeks was the first visualization engineer at Netflix and is widely known for his work on Semiotic, a React-based visualization framework.

These and the broader Noteable team support and build many related open-source projects including: Papermill, Semiotic, Data Explorer, Nteract, and Python.

We are excited to be partners with Noteable on this journey with help from others including Costanoa Ventures.

If you want to learn more about Noteable check out their website.

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