Series A Hall Of Fame

Gaurav Garg | May 11, 2015

Entrepreneurs often ask us: what makes a good early stage investment presentation? Companies selling transformative technology products or services to businesses usually begin life with a foggy backdrop, existential questions about their product (eg. is it a product or a feature?), along with all the normal uncertainties associated with a startup. So how do founders effectively communicate the nature of their businesses at such an early stage to investors? Every venture capitalist has a favorite investment presentation checklist — market; product; team; competition; less than 20 slides and so on.

At Wing, we commit to our portfolio firms in their early stages and engage with them for the long term. The early stage investments made by our partners include 16 companies that have gone on to execute successful IPOs with market caps in excess of $1 billion. In addition, we have seen and heard the Series A presentations for over 100 companies that have achieved the same milestone.

Our answer based on this experience is that dictating a purely mechanical formula for what makes a great presentation is rather missing the point. Sure, there are elements from the list above that one would expect to see in any slideshow. But early-stage presentations are not cookie-cutter productions; instead, they should reflect the passion and vision of the founders who have a unique perspective on the market opportunity they are setting out to conquer.

That vision can be communicated in three slides or thirty-three; it can involve a great deal of technical detail or a more concise summary; it can include detailed financials or more high-level ones; and it may or may not involve displaying long lists of testimonials from customers.

So that you can see for yourself, we are posting presentations from some of the companies that we have worked with over time from conception to an IPO, or those that have developed sufficiently robust revenue and profit to be in a position to execute a public offering. Some slides have been lightly edited to preserve confidentiality. You can see the presentations by clicking on "Filter Perspectives-All" and then selecting "Series A Hall of Fame".

In the future, we look forward to adding to this collection as more of the companies we work with go on to become billion-dollar-plus category-leaders in their fields. If you are a company with over $100m in revenue, please feel free to send us your own early-stage presentations so that we can include them in our Hall of Fame.

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