Tango: Pioneering Workflow Intelligence

Zach DeWitt | August 24, 2021

Every year, we rely on more and more SaaS apps to do our jobs. Today’s average technology company uses 150 SaaS apps up from 20 in 2015 (Okta Work Report). When starting a new role at a new company, it’s not easy to get up to speed quickly on how to use every tool. New hires often learn by shadowing seasoned colleagues and watching how they work, but shadowing is becoming increasingly cumbersome in a hybrid remote environment. Functions like Customer Support and Sales Enablement are acutely feeling the pain of onboarding new remote hires. How can you productively teach a new hire how to complete thousands of new tasks when you are sitting across multiple time zones? It’s no surprise that employees spend as much as 20% of their workweek searching for information or tracking down a colleague for help completing a task.

Enter Tango. Tango is a modern, easy-to-use application that streamlines the process of creating workflow documentation. Using the Tango browser plugin, a seasoned rep can hit “capture” and then go about completing the task at hand, like helping a customer process a return. When finished, she stops Tango and Tango automagically documents every step, creating a digestible tutorial complete with screenshots, URLs, and transcribed steps. We can now use this tutorial to teach new hires how to complete the task. In addition, Tango runs in the background to build a dynamic and intelligent learning repository. Thus, Tango is pioneering a new category: Workflow Intelligence.

When we first met Ken, Dan and Brian, we knew they were the right team to tackle this problem. Ken had worked on the Operations team at Uber building, refining and adapting Uber's launch playbook, which would materially change when Uber would adopt new tools, services, and best practices. Dan worked at General Catalyst and had seen what a world-class software GTM motion looks like from the inside and out. Brian is a talented and creative engineer and CTO. The team has done a fantastic job hiring a talented group of builders.

We are thrilled to announce that we have led Tango’s $5.7M seed round with our friends at General Catalyst, GSV Ventures, Outsiders Fund, Red Sea Ventures, and many prominent angels. You can read more about Tango, and its fundraise in TechCrunch’s coverage.

Team Tango at August 2021 Offsite

At Wing, we believe the Modern Enterprise is an agile workplace built on data and powered by AI. Tango will enable the Modern Enterprise by helping employees become more productive and ultimately more successful at their jobs. Tango is capturing a novel data set (workflow analytics) that will empower companies to streamline their operations and intelligently and automatically help employees when they are stuck. We are honored to partner with Tango at the earliest stage and support them along their journey!

The Tango team is hiring and you can find career opportunities here.

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