Wing Welcomes Clair Byrd as Partner and Head of Marketing

Gaurav Garg | February 1, 2021

We are delighted to welcome Clair Byrd as our newest Partner and Head of Marketing. Clair will amplify Wing’s voice through thought leadership and content strategy, refine our Modern Enterprise vision and message, create new connections, and supercharge our contribution to the Enterprise technology ecosystem.

Clair’s skillset is a benefit to our companies—she will work side by side with Wing’s founders helping refine their narrative and product positioning and consult on other initiatives. As our partner, she will be part of the investment process—lending her perspective, assistance with diligence, and sourcing fresh ideas via her network.

Clair joins us at Wing after a four year stint at Twilio, an iconic company in the process of radically shifting the way we think about communications, software applications, and how modern enterprises engage customers. Previously, she led marketing at the product design platform InVision, where she and the team grew their install base into the millions and established them as a “household name” in the design space.

Wing focuses exclusively on opportunities created by the Modern Enterprise, an agile workplace built on data, and powered by AI. We invest early, often pre-adoption, immersing ourselves long-term in the founders mission to build enduring, profitable, and public companies. Pre-adoption companies come with tremendous uncertainty. Managing this uncertainty to meet their potential in the 2020s requires a clear product narrative focused on value to the business and user; strong, resonant branding; product- and marketing-led selling; and a village of experts.

The time to hire a partner with the marketing expertise to guide our companies and deliver on their promise is now.

Clair is perfect for our mission to help build iconic technology companies in the Modern Enterprise. Interestingly, tech marketing is not Clair’s first career and she previously worked as a chef, giving her the keen focus, instinct, and care of a craftsman and artist—ensuring that everyone has a thoughtful, holistic experience interacting with the brand she represents.

Clair is a top-notch creative person. Her programs are designed to tell stories and create experiences that touch people personally—creating emotional bonds between brands and customers. She is an eloquent, inspirational communicator who commands attention from the room. She is deeply authentic, customer-oriented, enjoys technical products and solutions, and loves hard problems—frequently hitting the whiteboard to collaboratively develop solutions and brainstorm ideas.

When we first met Clair, it did not take long to notice and appreciate her creativity.

As we spent more time with her, we were taken aback by her intellectual curiosity, our shared ethos on learning by doing, incredible analytical skills (even under pressure), her decisiveness, and courage—we weren’t surprised at all when we found out that she is a competitive mounted archer!

Clair, a warm welcome to Wing!

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