Wing Remote Stack Summit

The Remote Stack has Become a Pillar of the Modern Enterprise

Speakers & Selected Quotes

Scott Farquhar,
Co-Founder and Co-CEO

We’ve onboarded 1,000 employees during the pandemic, and the CSAT is just as high. We have chosen to never force people back to the office.

Sid Sijbrandij,
Co-Founder and CEO

You can be creative working remotely, but it takes more intentionality. It’s not as innate.

Amit Bendov,
Co-Founder and CEO

Synchronous time is both rare and expensive. You should treat it for your most challenging discussions.

Wade Foster,
Co-Founder and CEO

I worry about a strategy that says, ‘I’m going to put my company’s hands in this concept of chance encounters by the water cooler.'

About the Summit

We are in new era of how we work. Remote has risen abruptly from 3% to 60%, yet managing remote organizations at this scale is unprecedented.

The Wing Remote Stack Summit featured the pioneers and visionaries in remote work in an exclusive, candid, and interactive dialogue.

The participants included tech founders and CEOs, Fortune 500 executives, and influencers in the startup ecosystem—on an invitation-only basis.

About the Speakers

GitLab and Zapier are recognized authorities in remote best practices, while Atlassian and Gong are renowned leaders in remote sales and engineering.

  • GitLab is world’s largest all-remote company with 1,300 employees across 65+ countries.
  • Zapier has been all-remote since founding and has 300 employees across 7 time zones.
  • Atlassian recently announced its 5,000 employees can work from home forever.
  • Gong announced a $200M financing at a $2.2B valuation and a 3x revenue increase this summer.

Wing Founder Survey: Remote, What's Next

Wing conducted a survey of startup CEOs and founders from 9/27 to 10/10 to understand the next-level issues in remote/hybrid company-building. We covered topics of leadership, culture, diversity and inclusion, productivity and employee data, compensation, and the next normal.