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You need answers at the exact moment a problem pops up. Whether you're navigating the earliest stages of developing an idea, building your MVP, trying to secure initial funding, or tackling any of the other endless challenges facing founders today, Founder Docs can help lead you to growth.

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If you want to grow your startup, you’ll need a sales squad that understands your mission and is ready to grow the company with you. Be in the driver's seat for your follow-up sales hires, to shape a team that’s aligned with your culture and equipped to educate the market.
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You’ve brought on your first marketing leader—exciting times! But what happens now? Find out how to guide the new head of your marketing department to success by laying out a solid 90-day plan.
When you’re building a startup, every dollar counts — but knowing where to save and where to invest can be a challenge. Learn the basics of optimizing your spending and building a resilient, growth-oriented business.
How do you make the most of your venture capital to drive growth and achieve your startup's goals? Get practical advice and real-world examples to help you allocate your resources strategically at the seed stage.
Discover the critical planning that goes behind finding product-market fit, and the common traps that can derail even the most technically sound founders.
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