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There's no guidebook to being a startup founder. That's why we created Founder Docs. 

You need answers at the exact moment a problem pops up. Whether you're navigating the earliest stages of developing an idea, building your MVP, trying to secure initial funding, or tackling any of the other endless challenges facing founders today, Founder Docs can help lead you to growth.

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You’ve brought on your first marketing leader—exciting times! But what happens now? Find out how to guide the new head of your marketing department to success by laying out a solid 90-day plan.
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Total Addressable Market (TAM) is a telling metric to examine when trying to gauge your startup’s growth potential. Let's talk about what TAM is, and how to calculate it.
Bring your startup idea to life with a solid business plan that can both help articulate your vision and uncover areas that still need some work.
Competitive analysis is something you’ll need to do at every stage of your business, in research and planning stages as well as continuously through the lifespan of your business.
by Wing VC
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