Automating work with Orby AI

Sara Choi
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The team at Wing is proud to be day 0 supporters of Orby AI and their mission to automate work.

We’re all aware of the proliferation of apps and special purpose point solutions in the modern enterprise – and that number, in the hundreds, is growing year over year. Humans have become the expensive orchestrators of apps leaving a big opportunity for productivity gains through inter-app automation.

Orby AI has built the first Large Action Model (LAM) platform to automate work. Orby observes, learns, and automates - no need to craft the perfect question, rather, the system will intelligently suggest automations for your workflows across apps. This ML-enabled approach is in stark comparison to legacy solutions which track UI-based actions and require heavy use of SIs and consultants to manually spec automations which are brittle and break when the UI is changed. 

Orby AI is led by founders Bella Liu and Will Lu, who came from the world of automation and AI in their prior roles at UiPath and Google AI. We were impressed with their incredible founder/market fit and nuanced view on challenges within the modern enterprise. 

This is the future of work, and we at Wing are proud to be day 0 supporters, in addition to co-leads in their $30 million Series A. Congrats!

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