Wing is an early-stage investor and long-term company builder—equipping founders with resources and unwavering partnership. This results in products that help people do their best work.


Enabling the AI-first technology stack

Wing invests in companies innovating at all levels of this stack:
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Wing is an early-stage investor and long-term company builder.

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Antigen atlas for precision therapies
Vector database for AI
Small business 401(k)
Programming living biological systems
Deep learning speech infrastructure
Engineering intelligence platform
AI-powered hiring
IT SaaS management
Intelligent knowledge documentation
AI-powered content generation
For founders building the AI-first technology stack

The Founder Success Platform

We support founders with a dedicated team, sought-after connections, and resources designed for early-stage companies.

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Lean and efficient by design, the Wing team brings deep knowledge of our core investment areas and operating specialities from best-in-class brands.

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