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The AI-first transformation of business enables our best work

The team at Wing believes deeply in a future that is built on data, powered by AI, and put to work through increasingly autonomous applications.

This is not simply a trend, though it may seem that way, as thrilling new technologies employing the use of AI emerge every day. Instead, we see it as a generational transformation similar to the likes of digital, mobile, and cloud, with the potential—even inevitability—to fundamentally change the way businesses operate and the global economy grows. The digital transformation of business has been the dominant narrative of the past two decades. The AI-first transformation of business will be even bigger. 

The key to all of this is the AI-first technology stack. Founders building this stack help customers reach goals and uncover opportunities that were previously unattainable, or invisible. This empowers those customers—all of us—to reach ever upward in our desire to do our best work.

Data forms the foundation of the AI-first tech stack. This layer consists of scalable, secure platforms to process and manage data. These platforms store and analyze “ground truth” data. 

The next layer is where AI processing occurs, either through a developer’s own AI technology or through the utilization of industry foundation models—and probably both. While industry models are extraordinarily powerful, developers of specific applications can build adaptation layers around them and deploy additional proprietary models above them, improving fit with the target business process. 

The AI layer extracts semantic understanding and insights from data as well as generates content. It serves those findings up to a business process layer built with deep understanding of the users, their goals and the business outcomes they are aiming to achieve.

Atop the stack sits autonomous applications, which go beyond workflow automation to automate all that is automatable, and to arm humans with as much context and insight as possible to address the remainder. These autonomous applications help to steer business processes towards optimal outcomes.

The product-led growth motion enables these layers to be adopted faster than ever before. End user experience has become the driving factor behind product adoption, which has created an acceleration wherein adoption is limited only by product and awareness. We envision PLG will continue to accelerate the pace of adoption of innovations, broadening their reach and expanding their impact—in turn accelerating the use of data and AI in enterprise software across the board.

Data forms the foundation of our modern enterprise. Keep reading to learn more.

Enabling the AI-first technology stack

Wing invests in companies innovating at all levels of this stack:

Innovating at all levels

Data is the fuel that powers the AI-first tech stack. We invest in the scalable, secure platforms that process and manage data.
AI is not one-size-fits-all. The applications are endless, and so are the ways of developing it. We invest in the powerful tools that help create AI.
These applications are powered by embedded AI, and let people focus on making more informed decisions through better intelligence.
Wing invests in product-led growth companies that accelerate the adoption of all layers of the AI-powered tech stack.

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