Powered by AI

If the modern enterprise is built on data, we believe it is powered by AI. AI platforms not only generate insights, but also help to make data and insights accessible within product experiences.

Wing company Pinecone is a great example. We led their seed round, and since, they’ve quickly become a necessary AI-powered layer to manage and search vector embeddings. Their platform enables businesses to build sophisticated and scalable end user search experiences.

More broadly speaking, the AI layer consists of systems that help extract semantic understanding and insights from data. Some of these companies offer analytical AI, used to classify, organize, or reason about data. Others now offer generative AI, which creates data in the form of content or content enhancement. These systems are designed not just to support ad hoc analysis, but to be productized in support of business processes. 

The next layer is where AI processing occurs, either through a developer’s own AI technology or through the utilization of industry foundation models—and probably both. While industry models are extraordinarily powerful, developers of specific applications can build adaptation layers around them and deploy additional proprietary models above them, improving fit with the target business process. 

Over the last decade, we’ve unlocked the utility of new data types, from images and audio to unstructured text and even within biology. Paired together, data and AI enable true personalization. Today, foundation models are being rapidly adopted, often combined with internal models to improve fit for particular business problems. As these data and models become must-haves, AI is quickly becoming an embedded element of every next-generation business application.

Driving autonomous applications forward

Wing seeks to invest in founders who pair the power of data and AI to tackle previously unsolvable problems.

Automating processes the right way

It's not enough to simply seek to automate what was previously not automatable. We seek founders who use AI to automate the right tasks, and then use data to make smart decisions about how to improve those automated processes.

Verticalized solutions

We look for end to end workflow solutions within verticals that require novel data, deep domain expertise, and AI expertise that simply doesn’t exist at most companies. Our BioXData investment area is an example of this, but we also seek investment opportunities outside the enterprise technology space.

Expanding what's possible in AI

AI development today is somewhat akin to giving a graphic designer a box of crayons and a geometry kit. Businesses today need many things at all layers of the AI stack, from infrastructure to development, from deployment and monitoring to security. We seek investment opportunities in companies driving that forward motion.

Leveraging the power of AI

AI is a core investment area at Wing. Learn more about the team of investing partners, or explore other core Wing investment areas in data, product-led growth, Web3, and BioXData.

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