Disruption in healthcare and pharma is happening now

We’re living in a transformational time in healthcare and medicine. 

Drug development is rapidly evolving, from fully verticalized pharma to a new world where drug creation is decentralized and data-enabled. This is a massive opportunity for new startups. Like how information technology was disaggregated over the last two decades with contract manufacturing, applications, and internet distribution, pharma’s drug development stack is already being decentralized. Today, a whopping 80 percent of discovery for new drugs is by biotechs—not big pharma—with pieces of development and manufacturing fast to follow.

We are living in a perfect storm of enablers: machinery to generate novel data in the -omics, dramatically faster throughput, and the golden age of AI to parse the data and generate valuable biological insight. Today’s companies can be purpose built to marry biology and computation with the goal of selling to pharma leveraging new business models.

At Wing, our BioXData thesis is a strong belief that while AI is reshaping almost all industries, few will be as greatly impacted as healthcare and medicine. The data-driven, AI-first transformation in medicine and healthcare is early but already underway.

Healthcare was previously verticalized in brick and mortar locations with patients seeing providers at predefined points in time. Unfortunately, disease progression simply doesn’t work that way. Today, with care via the internet available for the first time, tech is addressing healthcare’s top problem: access. 

A provider in Salinas can see a patient in San Diego via cellphone or laptop, enabling more continuous diagnosis and intervention. And, the decision maker is increasingly the provider, who is empowered to do their best work in payor-reimbursed arrangements. 

This is a distinct business model evolution that is paving the way for personalized care and management of costly afflictions starting with diabetes, mental health, and musculoskeletal health (to name some early few).

At Wing, we’re thrilled to partner with intrepid founders at ground zero who also believe in data-powered, tech-enabled solutions in healthcare and medicine.

The power of data in healthcare and medicine

We believe there will be enormous opportunities at the intersection of data and biology/health.

Built on novel data

The bedrock for the movement underway in medicine is novel data. We invest in companies that use computation to generate previously unattainable data streams, selling to those conducting research and development.

Powered by AI

Novel data plus AI unlocks new business models with pharma. These companies are applications that start with a goal of marrying biology and computation to sell assets and insights to pharma.

Continuous diagnosis, continuous intervention

Next-gen care delivered via the internet opens up mass access in a highly scalable and personalized way. Our focus is on shifts in business model with new payor-reimbursed virtual care delivery models.

Poised to change healthcare

Wing partners Sara Choi and Gaurav Garg lead our investments in the Bio x Data space, tapping a brilliant bench of experts and community leaders to deepen their subject matter expertise as they explore new and emerging opportunities. Learn more about them, or explore other core Wing investment areas in data, product-led growth, Web3, and PLG.

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