Accelerated by product-led growth

Product-led growth is an accelerant to the pace of technology adoption. While PLG does not have to be AI-centric, it can be a powerful driver of the AI-first transformation of business. 

Enterprise software customers are demanding more open, accessible ways to adopt and consume software. The product-led growth, or PLG, business model is enabling a new wave of companies to be built, by decentralizing decision making and boiling it down to its most atomic level: the end user.

End user experience has become the driving factor behind product adoption. In turn, that’s driving an acceleration, as the adoption rate is limited only by product and awareness. We envision PLG will continue to accelerate the pace of adoption of innovations, broadening their reach and expanding their impact—in turn accelerating the use of data and AI in enterprise software across the board.

The rise of the individual in the B2B customer universe is inextricably linked to the rise of PLG as the preferred go-to-market mechanism. The expansion of customer types and buying centers has increased the overall opportunity space available to new entrants, and gives them advantages compared to incumbents who have built their businesses around an older, narrower customer set. 

At Wing, we look for founders in the PLG space with a range of experience and expertise; read more about that below.

Investing in founders with user empathy

PLG has become a wildly popular way to launch a company, and as such, it becomes even more important to identify founders who have high user empathy and an understanding of the adoption journey. Here's how Wing thinks about investing in PLG companies.

Deliver immediate value

PLG founders deeply understand the pain points of their users. The product delivers out-of-the-box value, or users will move on to another tool.

Distribution mindset

PLG is so much more than “build it and they will come.” The best PLG founders work tirelessly and creatively to optimize the product for distribution.

All-in on PLG

To build a successful PLG company, founders need to fully embrace cross-functional collaboration with the product at the epicenter of the organization.

Learn more about our PLG investments

Wing partners Jake, Zach, Chris, and Tanay focus on investments in PLG startups, and work closely with founders in the space; learn more about their investments, and check out Zach's weekly newsletter, Notorious PLG, for more in-depth discussion of all things PLG.

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