Data is the foundation of our modern enterprise

Data is the foundation of our modern enterprise. There is no better expression of this than Snowflake, a company we first invested in at the seed stage. Snowflake has transformed the way businesses use data—today, its Data Cloud underpins an entire generation of analytics and operational applications literally built on data.

The data layer consists of scalable, secure platforms to process and manage data. We continue to invest in advanced data platforms geared for important data types and workloads. We believe that within the next decade, this future built on data will impact every person across the globe, from consumer software interactions to redefining how work is done. 

Modern data companies are increasingly data-wealthy, generating and collecting novel data. This data represents a meaningful advantage that other companies can’t overcome with capital or engineering resources. This phenomenon is also an adoption driver for data platforms. Growing product usage, deeper instrumentation, and a desire to fully exploit first party data all require an ever greater capability to store and analyze ground truth data.

In reality, almost all businesses are in the business of facilitating data analysis somehow; by sharing data, analyzing it, operationalizing it, and much more. That opens doors to managing the full data lifecycle, from processing to storage to security and sharing.

It also opens the door to increased data usage in the life sciences, which is why one of our core areas of investment within data lies at the intersection of data and biology, or what we call BioXData. As we seek investment opportunities, we look for companies up to the task of operationalizing their data, and companies that help others in this process.

If the modern enterprise is built on data, we believe it is powered by AI. AI platforms not only generate insights, but also help to make data and insights accessible within product experiences; read more here.

Data is a critical business cornerstone

We make investments in founders building companies generating novel data, as well as those with innovative takes on how to operationalize their data, or help others do so. Learn more about how we think about investing in data-led companies.

Generating novel data

Much like first party website data, the data collected in this manner can't be acquired any other way, and as such, is a powerful advantage that can't be overcome with more money or engineering resources.

Operationalizing data for themselves and others

We seek founders creating new, innovative, and powerful ways to operationalize data, whether through better storage, better optimization, deeper analysis, more sound security, and more.

Creating virtuous data cycles

Since virtually all companies today are in the business of data, we look for those that go one—or many—steps beyond simply generation data, to using it intelligently to make better business decisions, creating virtuous data loops.

Seeking what's next in data

Learn more about the Wing team and the partners focused on data, or explore other core Wing investment areas in AI, product-led growth, and Web3.

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