Partnering with to answer every customer call with AI

Zach DeWitt
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We're excited to announce our partnership with as they work to help SMBs leverage the power of AI to better serve their customers.

Customer experience heavily influences a company's success in today's world, where social media and digital reviews hold significant sway. Brands aim to make every customer touchpoint seamless, from initial touchpoint to post-purchase support. Many business, though—especially SMBs—struggle to handle a high volume of inbound phone calls. This can lead to delayed responses, long hold times, and frustrated customers, which can ultimately result in a loss of sales and negative word-of-mouth.

To address this challenge, offers SMBs an AI-powered, branded virtual call agent that answers questions, takes reservations, and satisfies callers. This technology lets businesses handle calls more cost-efficiently and effectively, ensuring that their customers receive top-notch support and service. Many customers report that as much as 80 percent of calls went unanswered before implementing is not only saving teams hundreds of hours per month, but is driving new revenue opportunities that would have otherwise been missed.

We are excited to announce our partnership with as the lead seed investor. I have known co-founder and CEO Alex Sambvani since 2016 and always knew I wanted to work with him. Alex is relentless, intelligent, and creative. During his time as a data scientist at Spotify, he met his equally talented co-founder and CTO Gabe Duncan. Gabe leads a team that applies the latest advancements in AI to drive real business outcomes for hundreds of businesses. is already working with some of the leading e-commerce brands and popular restaurant groups. During our customer diligence before investing, it became clear how much their customers love and rely on Many of them said that they can't imagine operating without, and their customers prefer talking to on the phone rather than an overwhelmed hostess with loud background noise.

At Wing, we believe that AI will transform how businesses interact with customers. AI software will be able to intelligently learn customer preferences, solve issues, and drive new revenue. is making customers happy and businesses stronger, and we can't wait to see what the future holds. If you are interested in joining the team, check out their career page.

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