RSA Conference 2020 Recap

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The 29th annual RSA Conference was held February 24-28, 2020, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Despite COVID-19 concerns, the conference brought together more 36,000 attendees, 704 speakers, and 658 exhibitors to explore the Human Element in cybersecurity. At this year’s conference, Wing moderated a keynote, held the second annual Wing Summit: Security, co-hosted the Evening Reception, organized a Women in Security Meetup, and held private meetings with security leaders:

  • Rajeev Chand moderated the Keynote on “Genomics: A New Frontier for Security and Privacy” with Patrick Courneya, Chief Medical Officer at Kaiser Permanante, Kathy Hibbs, Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer at 23andMe, Mike Wilson, Chief Security Officer at Molina Healthcare, and Sharon Terry, CEO of Genetic Alliance.
  • We held the second annual Wing Summit: Security, an exclusive, invitation-only dialogue with 100 chief security officers and chief information security officers at Fortune 500 corporations and modern tech companies. This year’s summit featured a government fireside chat and a board of director roundtable with three board members from public companies with recent, high-profile breaches.
  • Wing co-hosted the Evening Reception at the Jewish Contemporary Museum with over 350 cybersecurity executives, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists.
  • Wing organized a Women in Security Meetup to discuss key insights from the conference and foster connections among 25 industry leaders.
  • Wing’s research team held 40 1:1 private meetings with security practitioners over four days, principally including chief- and vice president-level executives to discuss observations from RSA and trends and unsolved problems in cybersecurity.

Reflecting on the conference, Didi Dayton outlined her 4 key takeaways in a post. We also published the Wing Research Note on RSA 2020 to highlight security trends, challenges, and key announcements from the conference. To download the report, visit:

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