The Enterprise Tech 30

Rajeev Chand | July 11, 2019
The Enterprise Tech 30

We are pleased to launch the first annual Enterprise Tech 30—an exclusive list of the most promising startups in enterprise tech as determined by the preeminent venture capital investors in the sector.

As background, the idea for the project started in December when my partner Peter Wagner had the following idea: 1) there is no good way to identify high quality enterprise tech companies, 2) venture capitalists are in the center of discernment for startups, and 3) just as there are Coaches Polls for collegiate sports, there needs to be an Investors Poll for the best enterprise tech startups.

From December to March we iterated on the idea to create the Enterprise Tech 30 mission and design principles, and from April to June we conducted the two-phase research and voting process, involving a premier group of 73 venture capital investors on an invitation-only basis.

Importantly, the process was designed to include both the highest rankings within investors’ portfolios and the unbiased rankings outside investors’ portfolios. Further, the investors are an impressive group; collectively, the firms have funded 95 of the 115 enterprise tech unicorns since 2016.

The results are the top 10 early-, top 10 mid-, and top 10 late-stage companies, categorized by total capital raised and ordered by number of votes received. We anticipate that the list will be widely used:

  • By corporate customers and channels for suppliers and partners
  • By service providers for client prospects
  • By journalists for under-covered companies
  • By team members considering which companies to join
  • By investors and acquirers for deals

Overall, the mission is to provide the tech industry a unique platform to identify, understand, and build relationships with the most promising enterprise tech companies. The results are available at, and Peter’s and my report is available for download at the following link.

Congratulations to the inaugural Enterprise Tech 30.

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