Wing welcomes Tanay Jaipuria as partner

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Tanay Jaipuria joins us from Meta, where he built products for consumers, businesses, and creators across Facebook and Instagram.

All of us at Wing are incredibly pleased to welcome Tanay Jaipuria as our newest partner! Tanay will lead investments and help build companies in verticalized SaaS, product-led growth apps, and web3 infrastructure and tooling.

When looking for investment partners at Wing, we seek out a few key traits: the insight and judgment to develop a distinct point of view and to use that point of view to make sound decisions with conviction; a learner’s mindset keen to stay on top of rapidly evolving technology; and critically, the ability and desire to forge deep, meaningful relationships with founders.

We first got introduced to Tanay in early 2020 when we were considering incubating a company at Wing and reached out to our network to look for a talented potential founder and were pointed to Tanay by multiple people independently. While that didn’t pan out, six months later when we were adding an investing partner to our team, Tanay was one of our first calls. 

We spent more than a year chatting with Tanay, and he impressed us with acumen across all the dimensions we look for. As his newsletter readers know, he’s a thoughtful and curious learner, always exploring new areas and developing his own unique, informed point of view in the tech and startup space. His humble approach and empathetic nature are well known within the founder community, where he’s advised many founders and the ‘startup-curious’ explore new ideas. Unsurprisingly, we heard great things about him from the founders we spoke to, whom he had helped through their earliest stages of ideation and company-building as an angel investor or enthusiastic supporter.

Tanay brings his computer science background and four years in product at Meta—where he built products for consumers, businesses, and creators across Facebook and Instagram—to Wing as well. His hands-on experience on teams going after highly technical and challenging problems, and teams building delightful and magical experiences for their customers, will undoubtedly be a valuable resource to the founders he works with here at Wing.

We’re thrilled to have Tanay and to learn and build together! He can be reached on LinkedIn, Twitter or via email at

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