Our mission

Empowering people to do their best work

Wing is an early-stage investor and long-term company builder empowering people to do their best work. We support our founders through unwavering partnership and resources as they build products that unlock all human potential.

We’ve seen it time and time again: meaningful early intervention, when founders are just breaking ground on a powerful idea, expands longterm potential. We provide early support, partnership, and invaluable resources to founders innovating at every level of the AI-first tech stack. Those founders, in turn, empower customers with transformational products that unlock individual and business potential.

Founders, especially those in the pre- and seed-stage to Series A space, face monumental challenges. Wing exists to help founders navigate those choppy waters. The Wing Founder Success Platform gives entrepreneurs an unfair advantage. Wing founders gain access to sought-after people and coveted resources that would otherwise be out of reach for early-stage companies. Over years of company-building, we have cultivated critical networks that can have a profound impact on a company’s trajectory. These highly-curated networks, each managed by a member of our Founder Success Team, include customers, talent, strategic partners, media, and providers of later-stage capital at scale.

We also seek to elevate the founder community as a whole. By extending Wing’s collective intelligence and principles around early intervention to the startup community, we can help more founders succeed, and improve the caliber of companies beyond our own core scope.

Learn more about our core investment theses in the AI-first tech stack, data and bio, AI, PLG, and Web3.

Our operating principles


Founders are our heroes. Strengthen them through words and actions. Help in ways other partners wouldn’t. Surprise and delight founders with your thoughtfulness.

Learning mindset

Come prepared. Think deeply, ask questions instead of making statements, and chase problems down to the root. Seek validation for assumptions, and always aim to better understand. We want to learn and brainstorm with you.

Tactful candor

Say the quiet thing out loud, even when it’s hard or uncomfortable–but only if it's valuable. Unbridled negativity isn’t welcome at Wing, and candor without tact can be cruel. Do what you say you will do.

Biased toward action

We operate as a team, and move forward as one.

Open collaboration

Assume people have the best intentions and best interests at heart. Don’t re-litigate the past or hold a grudge, and always be moving forward toward what’s next.

The Founder Success Platform

Wing’s Founder Success Platform supports founders within our portfolio, in the form of key hire support, unwavering partnership, community building, and customer introductions. 
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