Vevo Therapeutics

Founding Team

Hani Goodarzi
Johnny Yu
Nima Alidoust
CEO and co-founder
Partnered year

Vevo Therapeutics is a biotechnology company using its in vivo drug discovery platform and next generation AI models to uncover better drugs for more patients. The company’s Mosaic platform is the first to make in vivo data generation scalable, with single-cell precision, to capture in vivo context of disease at the first step of drug discovery and to better represent patient diversity in drug response over current in vitro assays.

Vevo is using Mosaic to build the world’s largest in vivo atlas of how drugs interact with patient cells and training AI models on its data to find novel targets and drugs undetectable by other technologies.Located in San Francisco, CA, Vevo was founded by a team of inventors and thought leaders who have discovered drugs for “undruggable” targets and invented novel methods in genomics, computational biology, and chemistry. Wing was proud to participate in Vevo's $12 million seed funding round in late 2022.

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