Wing welcomes Chris Zeoli as partner

Zach DeWitt
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Chris is a former e-commerce founder turned venture investor. His operating and investing experiences from Base10 Partners and Insight Partners will serve founders well.

Every founder:partner relationship is unique, and it’s rewarding to see success take shape as both parties learn and grow together. In welcoming our newest partner, Chris Zeoli, to Wing, I’m confident Chris’s deeply empathetic approach to company building—paired with extensive founder experience—will elevate the future Wing founders he’ll be working with.

Chris is a former e-commerce founder turned venture investor. He brings experiences as both a venture investor at Base10 Partners as well as a growth-stage investor atInsight Partners. He focuses on investments across SaaS apps and infrastructure, data, decentralization, and financial technology.

The team first met Chris in 2017 while considering an investment in Starkware. At the time, Chris was leading Insight’s initial research in financial technology and the emerging blockchain category—later culminating in the firm’s investment in TradingView. He and I hit it off right away and we learned a lot about each other in sharing details about interesting companies and trends.

As I got to know Chris, and the team met with him more, we were impressed with his passion for technology and for working with founders from ground zero. When we talked to founders, they said Chris was the hardest worker on their cap table, introducing them to their first customers and strategic partners, helping iterate product-market fit and developing repeatable go-to-market motions.

What struck me most, though, was how much everyone talked about how empathetic Chris is. It makes sense—having co-founded a company himself called Soled Out, an e-commerce marketplace that reached more than $10 million in sales. His experience and passion translated into successful investments as Chris partnered with some of the leading e-commerce software companies including Klaviyo, Attentive, and Tapcart. Chris has also backed companies across other enterprise software markets including Sysdig, Carta, SaaS Labs, PrecisionLender and more.

I’m so excited to see how Chris’s innate qualities—his empathy and curiosity, drive and passion, and just general good-person-ness—benefit Wing’s founders, and I look forward to working more closely with him as Wing grows. Learn more about him, or get in touch, on LinkedIn, Twitter, or via email at

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